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What's a Girl To Do?

Aside from the fact that I have been floundering for no apparent reason lately, I have also discovered a hidden (although on reflection not terribly surprising) fact. I am a kinky bitch. How did I discover this? Well, it all began with checking my fanfiction.net reviews.

I clicked a name, discovered a new author, and holy hellfire and damnation!

Anyway, suffice it to say eyes have been opened, breathing has stuttered to a halt and there may have been spontaneous combustion involved, although I refuse to say one way or another.

So there it is. The blinders are off, and while I have always been a fan of slash, I now find myself a fan of kinky slash. Which really, isn't bothering me as much as it should. So much for being the innocent little good girl.

Oh, who the hell am I kidding, I gave that up years ago. Well, okay, two years ago, but still. I haven't been *that* innocent for a while.

That said, Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a girl of wealth and taste . . .

And yes, I have been listening to the Rolling Stones, and no, I don't really care what you think and yes, I have been writing furiously, and no, I am not going to share what I wrote. Not yet anyway. I'm not done with my flurry of creativity yet. At least, I hope not. And in any case, I have mixed feelings on posting fanfic on ljs, or blogs or whatever, and I'm not sure whether or not I am going to join the ranks of those who do. Then again, I have stuff I want to post that's not going to make it in it's purest form onto fanfiction.net, due to language, explicit content, etc. Like this one fic I have where Spike gets his chest cut open and stuffed full of straw, and then--oh wait, please note that I am tamping down my glee at the thought of Spike being tortured.

Aw, hell with it, no I'm not. Torturing Spike is too much fun. Torturing anyone is too much fun. Bite that, Spike! I'm going to torture you when I get home tonight. Time to break out the flaming hot pokers and surgical steel!

Okay, that was a little weird, even for me. *Is torn between wanting to hurt Spike and getting slightly grossed out and running for the door*

*hums* Pleased to meet you, have you guessed my name?



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